perfectly clean lawn sprinkler installation
perfectly clean lawn sprinkler installation
The Leading Edge in Design

To develop a cost efficient lawn sprinkler system design all the necessary variables
(present and future) are considered. Cost efficiency means saving time and money in preventing unnecessary changes in design after installation has been completed. Cost efficiency also means saving water by being able to regulate it throughout the system by giving the necessary amount to certain dryer lawn and shrubs areas and not over watering other less needy areas.The Pro-Turf lawn sprinkler design differs from the competition in many ways:

Underground pipe layout and connections.

Head placement and grouping on each zone to maximize water efficiency.

All material placements are considered for ease of use and maximum efficiency.

To sum up, we eliminate future costs by working with homeowners in the individual planning, designing and installation of each lawn sprinkler system and consider any future landscape changes to minimize or eliminate changes due to pool, fence, patio, or landscape installations. Our systems deliver balanced precipitation throughout the yard resulting in Substantial long term dollar saving in water.

How do we do this? For more detailed information on the Pro-Turf Design practices and techniques used in our systems please email us or contact us or request an estimate. The President of Pro-Turf, a specialist in many areas, will be more than happy to visit your property and provide you with the necessary information.



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