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We at Pro-Turf assure you will receive a system of impeccable quality for the cost. Our systems are actually very under priced considering what goes into our system at every level, but we keep our overhead low and put the money towards out systems. Our top priority is to apply our vast knowledge and research for the purpose of installing only the best possible systems.

Unprecedented long term comprehensive warranty on workmanship. Only Pro-Turf has offered this warranty on workmanship since 1984. No other sprinkler company provides such a comprehensive warranty.

A combination of thorough detailed designing, quality materials, and precise workmanship produce flawless results and a sprinkler system that is extremely water efficient and saves money.

We are sure that your satisfaction will continue to grow and grow each year, especially once you have experienced what a system should and should not do.

Trouble and hassle free lawn sprinkler systems provide countless years of care-free operation. We provide unmatched perfection through our flawless design and installation processes, with scrupulous owner and hard working, dedicated and trained employees.

Nobody installs a better system Pro-Turf's consistent standards of excellence results in flawless systems competitors cannot reproduce by providing quality control far exceeding industry standards.

Come visit our systems to see the difference. Check our reference lists from other lawn/landscape professionals.

For more detailed information on the list products we use in our systems please email us or contact us or request an estimate.

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